Cyclepath Indoor Cycling is Burlington Vermont's leading boutique fitness studio. We provide a variety of cycling classes and hybrid fitness involving cardio and strength training using indoor cycling bikes and body weight movements to help Cyc members achieve a full body workout. With fresh music, and unique fitness programs in each class, Cyclepath classes are unlike any gym environment "spinning classes" you've ever seen. If you're ready to take your fitness to the next level, and achieve your athletic goals, make a commitment and sign up for your first ride.

Cyclepath offers the areas most highly qualified indoor cycling coaches. Our team is certified in the Cyclepath Athletic Program, and are equipped to provide you with unparalleled challenge in a safe environment, allowing you to maximize your personal athletic potential. Cyclepath class styles offer riders a diverse, and varied range of movements for total body conditioning and fitness making Cyclepath Burlington Vermont's most complete workout experience. Whether you look to establish strength and conditioning for mountain biking, road cycling, team/solo sports, or your overall health, Cyclepath is your studio.